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Sustainable Systems and Lifestyles
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Collaborating With Nature
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Economic Development Concepts
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Creating A Better El Paso

Sustainability in the Hot-Arid Climate

Eco El Paso is dedicated to fostering a learning environment for sustainable systems and lifestyles while integrating workforce and economic development concepts. Essentially, we promote sustainability to create a bright future for El Paso and our children. 

Eco El Paso expanded and diversified its mission, to include other professional and business groups, educational institutions, community groups, and public and private entities interested in promoting sustainable practices in our desert region. Eco El Paso is striving to create venues for discussion and collaboration on how El Paso will forge a future combining environmental responsibility, sustainability, and economic vitality.

Under this expanded umbrella Eco El Paso envisions collaborating with other groups and organizations to promote sustainable and regenerative life practices. We aspire to define, in collaboration with others, locally appropriate built environments that are healthy, original, ecologically sound, and consistent with the surrounding natural resources, human resources, and climate.


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