Eco Hub



Sun Metro Brio bus is El Paso’s premiere Rapid Transit System, with lines already running along Mesa Street, through Downtown El Paso.  In order to make the ride easier for patrons new amenities were added to various terminals including free Wi-Fi, ATM machines, ticket vending machines, canopies and information displays.  The buses are a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation including electric air, better fuel economy and 38 passenger seats, at the low cost of $1.50 a ride.


Cycling is an emission free, healthy mode of transportation at no fuel or parking cost to the rider.  The El Paso Department of Transportation has begun adding bicycle lanes to promote cycling and ensure the safety of cyclists.  You can find a map of bike lanes in your area at


Walking is by the far the simplest mode of sustainable transportation today, and comes with a great deal of benefits. There are no costs or parking hassles associated with walking, and you get to increase your personal health without adding to your cities’ pollution. New Urbanism champions the cause of walkable cities and the need to make places pedestrian friendly so more people will participate in walking as a mode of transportation.

Carpooling, an arrangement where several people travel in one car and share the costs, is a newer type of sustainable transportation. Carpooling is a great way to alleviate traffic and carbon emissions by reducing the amount of cars on the road. There are companies which specialize in creating driver networks that connect people who can carpool together and share fuel costs. States and municipalities have even begun to create special carpool lanes and parking spots to incentives sharing a ride.